Loon Lake, WA
Loon Lake, WA

Enjoying Loon Lake


While you're enjoying our beautiful lake, please protect it from harmful yard debris and campfire ashes as it directly affects the water quality of the lake.

Thank you!



Legislation Affecting Watercraft on Loon Lake

Please take a moment to read as it directly affects visitors and residents who use watercraft on the lake.


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit





In 2017, the Washington Legislature passed Senate Bill 5303 authorizing the prevention permits, which were recommended by the AIS Funding Advisory Committee. The Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention (AIS) Permit Program was established by the Washington State legislature in a effort to keep Washington's lakes, rivers, and streams free of destructive invasive species. More information about specific requirements can be found in Washington's laws pertaining to aquatic invasive species.


Who is required to purchase the AIS prevention permit?

The permit can be purchased online at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website. The current cost is $24 ($20 permit plus transaction and dealer fees).



Washington residents pay a $2 annual fee to support the department's AIS program when registering boats. A valid registration sticker serves as proof of payment and an AIS prevention permit is not required. Other watercraft exempted from the AIS prevention permit include:

  • Small watercraft (from Washington or out-of-state) that do not require state or country registration such as canoes and kayaks.
  • U.S. government (federal, state or local), military or tribal vessels or seaplanes.
  • Watercraft registered as "tenders" to larger boats.
  • U.S. or internationally documented commercial vessels or seaplanes.

We recommend that boaters enclose the permit in a resealable plastic zipper storage bag to protect it from water damage. The permit is valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.


The funds from this permit will go toward improving Washington State's ability to prevent and respond to AIS threats by increasing the number of watercraft inspections, boosting the frequency of training about AIS, and providing grants to local agencies to increase their efforts to protect against invasive species.


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