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President's Message


Welcome to your Loon Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA) website!


The LLPOA serves our Loon Lake community to preserve, protect, and promote a happy and healthy quailty of life for our lake, our community, and our citizens. It also coordinates valuable events and important lake monitoring that enhances everyone's experience at the lake. Your help is welcomed to keep the momentum moving forward.


What can you do to contribute?

  • Become an LLPOA member for only $20 per year per family
  • Become an LLPOA Board member
  • Become an LLPOA committee member (there are several opportunities to choose from)
  • Attend monthly LLPOA meetings (let your voice be heard!)
  • Attend your own Loon Lake beach association meetings
  • Visit the "Nextdoor" website for valuable community information
  • Read the LLPOA semi-annual newsletter on this website

We invite everyone to join us in serving our beautiful community so we can all live life leisurely at Loon Lake!


Deanne Darlene Impecoven, President


509-863-6537 (call or text)


email: loonlakepoa@gmail.com




History of the LLPOA


Since its inception, the LLPOAs purpose has been to assist its property owners with making Loon Lake living what it is today and what it should be for future lake owners and recreators.


The LLPOA Articles of Incorporation, recorded in 1998, state:


"...this [Washington Non-profit Corporation] is formed to organize the property owners adjacent to the shores of Loon Lake to protect the lake from environmental degradation and to provide a forum by which the property owners may assist government agencies to wisely plan the use of resources in the Loon Lake area." (Page 2)


Please feel free to enjoy our home with the same love and respect we have for it!


Please protect the lake from yard debris

and campfire ashes as it is very harmful

to the water quality of the lake. 







Nextdoor.com is a great way to keep in touch. Loon Lake, Deer Lake, and the surrounding areas have established a private social media site to make it easy to announce events, voice your opinion, sell useful items, and keep up with the events in your neighborhood. All you need is an email address and a password, and you're all set!


 You can donate to the LLPOA fireworks for a bigger show!


1.  Milfoil

  • Questions about milfoil treatment? Contact...LMD Advisory Committee or...

  • We discuss Milfoil at most LLPOA meetings, please come and ask questions.

  • Stevens County has contracted Aquatechnex to perform an herbicide treatment in the continued effort to control Eurasian Watermilfoil in Loon Lake. For information their website is Aquatechnex.loonlakewa.wordpress.com

  • Check milfoil tab above for updated information 


 2. Water Quality? Click on Project Tab

  • Water Quality Monitoring Project Image Gallery  August 2013

  • Also, read the Board Minutes to find out what is happening with Loon Lake Water Quality.

  • We are in our tenth year of testing Loon Lake water quality and resident and board member Jim Davies is always willing to discuss his data with you. He can be reached at 233-2651. You can also go out on a water quality foray with him if you would like to learn more. We accept donations for water quality testing.


 3. Phosphorus Phacts

  • Fact: One pound of phosphorus can grow 700 pounds of algae.

  • Source: Historical Perspective of the Phosphate Detergent Conflict, Chris Knud-Hansen, 1994, (Washington State Department of Ecology).


  • Use dishwashing detergents that contain less than 0.5% phosphorus.

  • If lawn fertilizers are used, use types that contain NO phosphorus. Do not wash your boat or bathe in the lake. 




Updated:  8/29/2019  (State of Washington)

Are we reaching you? We welcome your:

Feedback - Ideas - Input - Suggestions!

Send to: loonlakepoa@gmail.com

Your Lake Needs YOU!

Become a Member of LLPOA!

Come to a meeting or contact 

Deanne Darlene Impecoven,


509-863-6537 (text/call)


or email: loonlakepoa@gmail.com


Loon Lake

Property Owners Association

PO Box 165

Loon Lake, WA 99148


Annual dues

only $20 per family


LLPOA Meetings

(March through October)


Second Thursday each month

6:30 p.m.

at the Loon Lake

Historical Schoolhouse

4000 Colville Rd, Loon Lake



Chipper Day

October 19 

9 am - 3 pm

North of Baldwin Lumber

on Agar Rd

$10/truckload donation


Bring your clean green!


Loon Lake

milfoil questions?
LMD Advisory Committee

Larson Beach: Jim Nimnicht


North Shore:

Lee Evans, Chairman (509-233-0179)

Deanne Darlene Impecoven, Secretary

Aaron Impecoven


Carlson Bay:

Daryl Howe

Henry Howe

Shore Acres:

Lee Mellish

Deanna Yamane


Silver Beach: Dennis Drinkard


Sunset Bay: Tom Hale


The public is encouraged

to attend

Advisory Board meetings


Second Monday each month

6:30 p.m.

at the Loon Lake

Historical Schoolhouse

4000 Colville Rd, Loon Lake

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