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President's Message: Community Spirit During a Pandemic

by Deanne Darlene Impecoven

During this extraordinary epidemic event, one could say that Mother Nature may be showing us her worst, but I would say that human nature is showing us its best. The COVID-19 virus is throwing every curve ball it can at us including health risk, isolation loneliness, financial hardship, loss of work, loss of education, and loss of hope. Fortunately, every day I see our community trying to dodge those balls with an amazingly strong community spirit. If there’s one thing this little community out in the middle of nature can do, it is rally together in the event of a world and community crisis.


I want to pay tribute to a few of those people making a difference in our community during this extremely rare and trying event. The reason I decided to devote my time and energy to my Loon Lake home community instead of my Spokane home community is that I come from a rural county just like Stevens. My whole family lives in Carbon County, Montana, a place where everyone is family and not because I am actually related to half of them. (Haha!) It is because I can drive down the road and wave at everyone and get a wave back. I can stop and visit with everyone on my walks and get a warm exchange. And, I can offer to help the community in hard times and receive help back.


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History of the LLPOA


Since its inception, the purpose of the LLPOA has been to assist and educate property owners regarding how to make Loon Lake living what it is today and what it should be for future lake owners and recreators.


The LLPOA Articles of Incorporation, recorded in 1998, state:


"...this [Washington Non-profit Corporation] is formed to organize the property owners adjacent to the shores of Loon Lake to protect the lake from environmental degradation and to provide a forum by which the property owners may assist government agencies to wisely plan the use of resources in the Loon Lake area." (Page 2)


Please feel free to enjoy our home with the same love and respect we have for it!


is a great way to keep in touch.

By Deanne Darlene Impecoven, President


Loon Lake, Deer Lake, and the surrounding areas have established a private social media site to make it easy to announce events, voice your opinion, sell useful items, and keep up with the events in your neighborhood. All you need is an email address and a password, and you're set!


I took to Nextdoor on March 22 with a post called FRIENDS & FOOD IN THESE TIMES. I reached out to the community to tell them how our family was thinking of everyone and to offer our assistance where needed. I shared information about the locations and hours of food sources in our area including the grocery store, gas stations, restaurants, and, of course, the Food bank. I also proposed an ADOPT A NEIGHBOR program because I thought if everyone just watched out for at least one neighbor, we would all be covered.


As the weeks have gone on, I have noticed so much wonderful spirit shared on Nextdoor. One person suggested we all join in waving the American flag to show community spirit. One resident posted about the “Angels Among Us” that helped clear downed trees. One resident posted about “Elder and Community Assistance and Volunteer Opportunities” to organize volunteers to help those in need. At least two local women were making Free Face Masks with donated materials and offering them to the community. Another neighbor suggested that we bake for lonely neighbors and become a pen pal with them. One family offered to make free grocery runs and others offered to run errands to certain other stores in the area. It has been so heartwarming to log onto this community social network and have it filled with love, kindness, and caring. That is what Loon Lake is all about.


Let’s continue to use Nextdoor as a community service of love, kindness, and caring.


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