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Welcome Fall 2017,


Your LLPOA is hard at work throughout the year planning activities and monitoring issues that affect OUR Lake community. Your annual membership dues of $20.00 help offset expenses associated with printing/ mailing the newsletter, lake events, derelict dock removal, signs, and projects throughout the year.  Please join us and meet your neighbors who are devoted to improving our lake for you and future generations. 


 Nextdoor.com is a private free social network that our neighbors are using to keep in touch.  There is an app available for your smart phone and you can keep up with local info by signing up with your email. I would like to thank Dana Waddell for becoming a new board member and filling our recently vacated Treasurer position. Thank you to Jon Hastings for becoming a new board member. A big thank you to everyone who is giving back to our lake and community!


                        See you at the lake,

                          Lee Evans
                         LLPOA President – lgevans@spocom.com


Recent Legislation


The Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit Program was established by the Washington Legislature in an effort to keep Washington’s lakes, rivers and streams free of destructive invasive species. The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit was passed with Senate Bill 5303.

An AIS Prevention Permit is now required for all Non-Resident Registered Vessels, Seaplanes, and Commercial Transporters of Vessels. This requires non-resident registered vessels to purchase the AIS Prevention Permit to use their vessels in Washington waters. For Washington registered boats, the permit is included in your annual boat registration fee. Additionally, all commercial transporters of vessels are required to purchase an AIS Prevention Permit to transport vessels into and through Washington State.

The permit cost is $24. This includes the state fee, transaction fee and a dealer fee. The AIS Prevention Permits can be purchased on line at wdfw.wa.gov (under the licenses tab) or at any outlet that sells Washington Hunting and Fishing Licenses. There is no sticker with this permit.

We recommend that boaters enclose the permit in a zip-lock bag to protect it from water damage.  The permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The money gained from the AIS Prevention Permits will improve the State’s ability to prevent and respond to AIS threats. More specifically, the funds will be used to increase numbers of watercraft inspections, boost the frequency of training and provide grants for local agencies to increase their efforts to protect against AIS  threats.


Thank you Mr. Lewis for Chairing our Breakfast on Sunday Sept 3, 2017! 



Click this Calendar/Events tab at top of this page & see what is happening around the Lake!


Check your property and/or talk with your neighbors. Nextdoor.com is a great way to keep in touch. The Loon Lake Area has a group established. Its easy to signup by using your address and email to use this private social media to keep up to date on happenings specific to our area.


*Our semiannual newsletter available online -click on the newsletter tab on grey column at right side of this page. Contact us to receive a copy by email.

Another Successful Dock Demo June 24, 2017 


Mark Whittaker 2017 Demo Crew Leader


It is an exhausting job and we appreciate everyone who donates a beautiful day in June to eliminate old docks. We supply lunch and refreshments for the day. If it wasn't for volunteers like these men- we would have a docks littering our shores and causing boating hazards every season. You can donate to the dock demo anytime by sending it to us at PO box 165 and designating it for dock demolition.If you have a dock that you need demolished, it is $4 per foot-please contact us.  Your Loon Lake Property Owners Association organizes this clean up and puts your donations towards this huge expense of derelict docks. Thank you EZ Dock for donating equipment and manpower too!


Contact Mark to volunteer at markw@mawcpa.com or 509-623-2122


LOON LAKE Owners Handbook is available. Click on the link at top of grey column on right side of this page.  



Since its inception, the LLPOA's purpose is to assist its owners in making Loon Lake Living what it is today and what it should be for our future lake owners and recreators. 

The LLPOA Articles Of Incorporation recorded in 1998 state: "...this [Washington Non-profit Corporation] is formed to organize the property owners adjacent to the shores of Loon Lake to protect the lake from environmental degradation and to provide a forum by which the property owners may assist government agencies to wisely plan the use of resources in the Loon Lake area." (Page 2)



1. 4th of July Fireworks

  • Fireworks show will be on Monday, July 3, 2017

  • Register your boat for the Boat Parade on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 

  • Thank you for your $$$ donated/collected which represent your vote that this beautiful extravaganza will happen again each summer!

  • Contact Lee Evans - lgevans@spocom.com - 233-0179


2.  Milfoil

  • Questions about milfoil treatment? Contact...LMD Advisory Committee or...

  • We discuss Milfoil at most LLPOA meetings, please come and ask questions.

  • Stevens County has contracted Aquatechnex to perform an herbicide treatment in the continued effort to control Eurasian Watermilfoil in Loon Lake. For information their website is Aquatechnex.loonlakewa.wordpress.com

  • Check milfoil tab above for updated information 2016


 3. Water Quality? Click on Project Tab

  • Water Quality Monitoring Project Image Gallery  August 2013

  • Also, read the Board Minutes to find out what is happening with Loon Lake Water Quality.

  • We are in our tenth year of testing Loon Lake water quality and resident and board member Jim Davies is always willing to discuss his data with you. He can be reached at 233-2651. You can also go out on a water quality foray with him if you would like to learn more. We accept donations for water quality testing.


 4. We would like to meet you! Join Us!

  • Your Lake, Your Interests, and Your Property Owners Assoc.- We would like to get to know you. 

  • Bring your ideas and meet your neighbors who are making a difference.
  • Dues envelope sent out in Spring Newsletter

  • Looking for active members from each beach association.


 5. Phosphorus Phacts

  • Fact: One pound of phosphorus can grow 700 pounds of algae.

  • Source: Historical Perspective of the Phosphate Detergent Conflict, Chris Knud-Hansen, 1994, (Washington State Department of Ecology).


  • Use dishwashing detergents that contain less than 0.5% phosphorus.

  • If lawn fertilizers are used, use types that contain NO phosphorus. Do not wash your boat or bathe in the lake. 




Updated:  12/01/2017  (State of Washington)

Are we reaching you? We welcome your:

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LLPOA President

Other questions or concerns?

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Or, write us at:

Loon Lake Property Owners Association

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Loon Lake, WA 99148



Click on Calendar/Events tab at top of website for more details.



LLPOA Meetings:

No Meetings Nov-March

  Second Thursday - 6:30 p.m.  At the Old Schoolhouse



Loon Lake Milfoil Questions
LMD Advisory Committee:

   Lee Evans-Chairman
          N. Shore - 233-0179
   George Swannack-N Shore
   Steve Pehl-Sunnyside Beach
   Dennis Drinkard-Silver Beach
   Bob French-Cedar Beau Bay
   Daryl Howe-Carlson Beach
   Totem Beach (Shore Acres)
   Bill Drollinger-Robbins Rd
   Barry Smith-Granite Point
Advisory Board Meetings
    2nd Monday each month
    6:30 p.m. Old Schoolhouse

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