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Annual Dock Demolition Day

by Mark Whittaker, Chair
We reached a milestone at last year’s dock demolition.  There were very few docks and it became apparent that even fewer people were willing to pay to have their docks demolished and the debris hauled away for legal burning by the State.
I am recommending to the Board of Directors at our next meeting that we schedule future dock demolitions based upon pre-registered and pre-paid participants.  We can select a preliminary date and time with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, schedule equipment and operators, and reserve the proper number of bins based upon the information that is provided prior to the cutoff date.  If interest is not sufficient, we can contact the participants and follow up with a rescheduled date in the Fall to permit additional participation and utilization of the operators, equipment, and bins.
We all agree that floating, unclaimed docks are a hazard on the lake, but the current system seems to encourage derelict docks being set free to travel the lake, only to have the dock hauled to the demolition by a concerned neighbor.  The docks were not certain to be cleared from the lake and the LLPOA was left with the costs.

If you know of someone releasing their dock into the lake, please contact your LLPOA. Please remember that homeowners releasing derelict docks can be prosecuted by Washington Department of Fish and Game.


If you'd like to do something positive, feel free to donate to the dock demolition fund, or even better, volunteer to help at the annual event!

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