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Minutes of LLPOA meetings:

Minutes must be approved at the LLPOA Board Meeting prior to posting on this website. If you wish to see LLPOA Minutes of the last meeting not yet approved, then...



LLPOA Secretary - Debbie Cornwell

LLPOA Board Meeting of July 11, 2019


Meeting called to order by Lee Evans at 6:32.  In attendance was President Lee Evans, Jane Sprague, Debbie Cornwell, Dennis Drinkard, Don Kelley, Dick Davies, Holly Shamberger & Dana Waddell


A quorum is present. Not present are Jon Hasting & Stephan Reckie.   Minutes from the June 13, 2019 meeting were reviewed & moved by Don Kelley, 2nd by Dick & approved by all. 


Treasurers Report:  Treasurers report was read by Jane Sprague. 


Old Business:


Nomination for LLPOA board officers: Lee wants to step down as president but will take vice president position. Holly Shamberger resigned from board. Lee explained each person qualifications currently on the board, & asked for nomination for new president.  Deanne Darlene Harrison volunteered to take over presidency, Don moved, 2nd by Dana.  Dana Waddell to take over as secretary, all approved.


Chipper Days: October 19th. 


Pancake Feed:  Discussion about whether Deer Park Ambulance should co-sponsor since they are not selling any/many ticket for event but they are a great help with many volunteers showing up. Determined they will explain situation to them & give them the opportunity to accept again this year.  Prizes will again be door prize & 50/50 tickets.  New ways to sell more tickets will be to ask Shore Acres & Granite Point to possible sell tickets there.  New pancake committee this year will be Dana, Jane, Holly & Debbie.


LLPOA/LLDF IRS standing: Mark reported that no tax returns ever filed for the last 2 years, never had bi laws excepted by state, Laurie Olson.  Attorney for non profit.  May start over with new ID#.  Don Kelley doesn’t think that should happen that bi laws are in good order & could be reinstated old bi laws, than we can move forward.


Dock Demo:  Mark chairman says there was a large turn out of volunteers & only 2 of the 4 dumpsters were filled. There were about 10 docks and of those there were 4-5 docks were not claimed or paid for.  $2400 for the dumpsters.


Boat Parade:  Mark reported there were 16 boats signed up for the parade but there was 30 or more boats & the direction was reversed this year.  The sheriff boat was on the lake & most everything went well. Gift certificate to be picked up by the winning boat.


Fireworks:  Lee reported that the fireworks display was nicest show ever.  Next year the 4th is on a Saturday.


Milfoil:  Lee talked about the treatment of 75 acres of lake & we will be able to see in 7-10 days how the new chemical will do.  They are very hopeful & a great new benefit of no water restrictions with new chemical.


Website:  Holly posted the water treatment of the lake, new chipper days date & update the new president & board member positions.


Other Business: .


Guests: Joan Easley, John Morrow, Patty Hytien, Georgie Evans, Jeorjianna Gay, & Tom Hale.



    Next Board Meeting, August 8, 2019 5:30 in the Old School House

    Pancake Breakfast Sunday, September 1st, 2019 8am to Noon

    Chipper Day Saturday October 19th, 2019 8am to 3pm


Meeting Adjourned by Lee Evans

LLPOA Board Meeting of May 9, 2019


Meeting called to order by Lee Evans at 6:30.  In attendance was President Lee Evans, Jane Sprague, Jim Davies, Dennis Drinkard, Don Kelley, Holly Shamberger, Dick Davies, Jon Hastings & Dana Waddell A quorum is present. Not present are Mark Whittaker, Barry Smith, Debbie Cornwell.


Minutes from the May 9, 2019 meeting were reviewed & moved by Dick Davies, 2nd by Don  & approved by all. 


New Business:


Meeting to be held at the bank to be update signature card on Monday, May 13th at 11am.  Signers to be Lee, Holly, Jon, Lee, Debbie & Jane. 


Folding party: Henry, Jon, Denny, Jane, Deanne, Dana (maybe), Don Kelley & Lee.  Date to be determined, May 17th or 18th.  Jane will figure out how many stamps are needed.  Jane & Lee will do labels.  Dana will check to see if Shore Acres will carry newsletter.


Treasurers Report:

Treasurers report was read by Jane Sprague. 


Old Business:

Chipper Days: June 1st & October 19th.  Committed to 9-3 preparing for volunteers, so far Lee, Dick, Jim & Mark.  Fee to be $10 a load.


Newsletter:  Dana will check to see if Shore Acres will carry newsletter.


Dock Demo:  Mark will be chairman.  There were 4 dumpsters filled last year & expecting the same this year.  Need volunteers to bring docks to staging area w/small boat or watercraft.


Nominating Committee:  There are 3 potential new board members.


Annual Meeting:  Jim will need to run Annual Meeting as Lee will be out of town. Beverages ~ Joan & Cookies ~ Holly.  Jane will print members list. Possibly hanging baskets for door prizes.

    *County Commissioner ~ possible speaker

    *Jim Caruso ~ possible speaker

Water Quality: June 15th is the next water quality foray, weather permitting.  Dick is in charge of the foray with plenty of volunteers.


Milfoil:  We had high hopes of treatment in early part of June but DOE didn’t get permit completed.  The herbicide proselicore & we intended to use is not available & will potentially not be available until July 8th.  Milfoil committee pursuing extension of their grant.


Fireworks & Boat Parade:  Boat parade July 4th & fireworks show to be Friday, July 5th, 2019. 


Other Business:  Mark will contact EZ dock Re: use of grade all.  Subway sandwiches?? Dick & Jim will help get docks to the toolies.


Guests: Stephen & Jill Reckie, Joan Easley, John Morrow, Deanna Yamane, Joesph Ferraro & Henry Howe.


Meeting Adjourned by Lee Evans

Next Board Meeting:  July 11, 2019



LLPOA Board Meeting of April 11, 2019


Meeting called to order by Lee Evans at 6:30.  In attendance was President Lee Evans, Jane Sprague, Jim Davies, Mark Whittaker, Barry Smith, Holly Shamberger & Debbie Cornwell.  A quorum is present. Not present are Dick Davies, Dennis Drinkard, Don Kelley, Dana Waddell.


Minutes from the October 11, 2018 meeting were reviewed & accepted by Jim Davies, 2nd by Holly & approved by all. 


New Business:


Lee Evans introduced the new treasurer, Jan Sprague to replace the George Swannack for LLPOA board member unexpired 2018-2019 term.  Jim Davies moved to accept her & motion was carried. Historical Building use of meeting place donation of $80 to be paid, Jim moved to pay, Jane 2nd.  


Treasurers Report:


Treasurers report was read by Jane Sprague.  New expenses for February/March are Deer Park Ambulance & a new lap top needed.


Old Business:


Chipper Days: one month behind Deer Lake of their property owners meeting.  Possibly pay $250 for volunteers again this year as well.  Make sure all beach associations know date of chipper days. Deanna Yamane volunteered to go to meeting of the other lake associations to let them know about Chipper Days.  




Discussed newsletter, dead line for articles is May 1st.  Mailing of New Letters by May 17th or 18th.  Don Kelley offered his church basement again for folding of New Letters. Deanna Darlene is working on a Calendar of events for all around the lake.  Friends of Loon Lake Library Article, Loonsday article, Dock demo, Fire safety & pictures for newsletter.


    Free Fishing day on June 28th, 2019

    Loons Day 1st for Saturday of June

    Chipper Days

    North Idaho Regional Lake conference

    Pancake Breakfast


Additional articles for newsletter:  Historical Building article by Joan Easley & maybe also a Honor award to a military person??


Jane will make/create a facebook page.


Dock Demo:  Will be 22nd of June & Mark Whittaker will chair.


Annual Meeting:  4th Friday of June or June 28th, 2019.  Need to generate interest to get attendance up at the meeting.  Gave away gifts & still attendance was down. 


Water Quality: Jim says they didn’t get good reading last year will be ready to start again June 15th & again July 31 or August 1st


Milfoil:  Treatment schedule yet to be determined but will be in the middle of June & middle of the week.  Grant expires at the end of June.  Great new chemical to be used for treatment of milfoil with zero water restrictions!!


Fireworks:  Approved $8000, had several fund raisers to spend & have a new proposal of new piro tech for this year.  Show to be Friday, July 5th, 2019.  Barry Smith volunteered his dock again for this year.


Pancake Feed:  Steve Cook??  Loons Day donated $500.


Other Business:  Joe with Granite Point discussed lake levels.  New guy Patrick Cabbage does gate control.  Gates not open yet ~ 3” from top.  Jim Davies revisits hypnolimetic oxygenation withdrawal & discussed with board concern regarding cleaning up the lake.


Guests: Randall DeFelice, Joan Easley, John Morrow, Georgie Evans, Joesph Ferraro & Henry Howe.

Next Board Meeting:  May 9th, 2019

Meeting Adjourned by Lee Evans


LLPOA MINUTES Sept 13 , 2018

CALL TO ORDER - President Lee Evans called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Members of the board present were Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Dennis Drinkard, Dana Waddell, Holly Shamberger,  Barry Smith, Jon Hastings

Sign in sheet was distributed. Quorum present.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING- The minutes of the Aug 16, 2018  meeting were not presented as Secretary Debbie Cornwell was not in attendance. It was determined we would approve the  August minutes at the October meeting.  



2018 Fireworks - $680.00,  2018 Dues $100.00, Dock Demo $265.00, Water Quality $160.00, Conservancy  $130.00, General Contributions - $.00, Interest Income - $0.47 Total Income - $1335.47

Expenses: Water quality - $510.00, Licensing and filing fees - $ Total Expenses $510.00


Checking Account Balance - $24,676.46, Savings Account Balance - $5,510.00

Total Account Balances - $30,186.83


PANCAKE BREAKFAST - Dana has reimbursed members for any expenses regarding pancake breakfast including Don Kelley for Event Insurance. Dana will have an event report of the pancake breakfast and 50/50 raffle for the next meeting. The winner of the raffle donated back an $30 to the LLPOA. Lee stated we had a great turnout of volunteers. Omelet supplies ran out at 11:20 and last person served at approximately 11:45. Average donation for an omelet was approximately $3.00. Jim requested his coffee pot back. We did not rent any equipment for the first time. One of our grills has disappeared from our storage location and had to purchase a grill this year. In the event the missing grill shows up, Lee will purchase the additional grill and Lee congratulated all for a job well done.


TREASURER OPENING - Dana is retiring from the Treasurer position as of October due to job change. Lee mentioned we might need to hire this position if there is not a volunteer available. Dana will like to still do the Newsletter and continue on the board. 


MEETING HIATUS - November through March there will be NO meetings during those months.


NEWSLETTER - FALL/WINTER NEWSLETTER  - This will be a wrap up of the activities with articles. Lee will do Milfoil, Fireworks & Chipper Day, Mark - Dock Demo, Jim - Water quality  Dick - Conservancy and Morgan Park Cleanup,  Mary Davis - Pancake Breakfast, Stephan Reckie - Boating Safety. All articles to be to Dana by October 15th.

MILFOIL -  Every parcel holder on Loon Lake should have received a ballot and Lee stated he is hoping for a favorable result to treat milfoil on Loon Lake. Results won’t be available until November. Audience mentioned that there is not enough milfoil information on the ballot. Lee stated we have been given a grant from DOE to treat hybrid milfoil. The next milfoil meeting is on Oct 8, 2018 for more information. The second Monday of every month the Milfoil Committee meets.

CHIPPER DAYS - October 20, 2018 from 9-3 Clean green waste removal. Dana possibly has a senior all nighter group to help unload. Jim stated that beach burning and other areas of burning degrade the lake. He would like it to be free to eradicate burning around our lake. A discussion was had whether to be a fund raiser or free. A person from the audience suggested trying it for free for one year as she stated she had never heard of Chipper Day and felt that we needed to do a better job marketing it as well. It was discussed a need for all the associations around the lake to be educated on Chipper Day. Henry Howe felt date is more of a factor than a fee. Jim made a motion to make Chipper Day free and Dick seconded.  Motion carried. Lee asked if Jim would like to be a chairman for Chipper Day and let Deer Lake know about our decision to make Chipper Day free. Jim declined. 

LEGAL - Jim is getting up to speed with the SMP. 

WEBSITE - Holly stated not completely up to date at this time.

WATER QUALITY-  Sept 14th is the next water foray with 10-12 people at 10:00 a.m. and results should be available sometime in Mid November. 


Lee stated there is a cleanup process going on a private property owner and LLPOA has been approached by a George Renner to help fund their cleanup. Jim stated he would talk with the property owner to discuss the situation and bring information to the next meeting

Guests: Joan Easley, John Morrow, Henry Howe, Stephan Reckie, Deanne Darlene, Aaron Impecoven


Meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

LLPOA MINUTES July 19 , 2018

CALL TO ORDER - President Lee Evans called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m. Members of the board present were Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Dennis Drinkard, Dana Waddell, Holly Shamberger,  Barry Smith, Debbie Cornwell.

Sign in sheet was distributed. Quorum present.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING- The minutes of the June, 14 2018  meeting were presented.  It was moved by Dick and seconded by Dana that the minutes be approved as written.  The motion was carried.  



2018 Fireworks -$2071.00, Chipper Days $337.00, Conservancy $130.00, 2019 Dues - $580.00, 2018 Dues $840.00, Dock Demo $632.00, Water Quality $210.00, Boat Parade $.00, Other $ 27.56 General Contributions - $700.00, Interest Income - $0.45 Total Income - $5528.01


Expenses: Boat Parade - $250.00, Dock Demo - $813.76, Insurance $1080.00, Postage $54.00, Website - $107.88, Misc $ 26.73, Annual Meeting $393.81 Total Expenses $2726.18


Checking Account Balance - $29,355.82, Savings Account Balance - $5509.43

Total Account Balances - $34,865.


Board Officers - Lee stated this will be his 6th and final year as President, Jim will continue as V.P. and Dana as Treasurer. Debbie Cornwell will step up as Secretary.  Jim moved that the board officers be accepted as presented and seconded by Dick.  

BOAT PARADE - Mark,Chairperson -( Lee reported in Mark’s absence) A bit chaotic boat parade during line up of the boats. Water balloons taken to the extreme. Mike Phillips from Deer Lake began a discussion regarding education of boaters of acceptable safe behavior at the parade and the litter of the water balloons in the lake. Barry suggested we pay the Sheriff to lead the boat parade. Lee suggested maybe decorated docks instead of boats for the future.

FIREWORKS - Lee LLPOA owes a big thank you to Barry Smith for using his dock and beach for the fireworks. It was our first year of the remote firing of the show. Dana asked if we could post info regarding legal and illegal fireworks. Mike Phillips said they went to bigger shells, more variety and spend $7000 dollars for Deer Lake.

WATER QUALITY - Jim First foray on June 17th. Water clarity was better. No data yet on chemical composition. Next foray will be the end of July and last will be on Sept 15th. Anyone interested in helping can do so by calling Jim.

LEGAL - Jim  The last few meetings are coming before the final approval of the SMP. There are not any meetings scheduled at this time. The open suit regarding the sub-area plan should conclude this year.

WEBSITE: Holly - Calendar updates completed

DOCK DEMOLITION: June 23, 2018 Mark Whittaker Chairperson - Four dumpsters were filled and four docks are now at the end of the lake until the next demolition. A big thank you to all the volunteers that help clean up. Lee has had several requests for another demo and tabled discussion for another demo until the next meeting. Mike Phillips, Deer Lake, stated they only do that when they have 10 potential docks and when the water is high enough. He said they go around the lake and take pictures of the potential docks so if a dock gets loose they know who owns it.

MILFOIL -  Treatment was good for knocking down the curly leaf pond weed and milfoil. We might need to do another treatment this fall. This does not kill the roots as it is just a contact herbicide. The milfoil committee is waiting on their grant study in N. Carolina to develop a chemical that will kill the plant. Milfoil public meeting Aug 13th at the new fire station prior to putting it on the ballot for a public vote. Mike Phillips asked about checking the permit times for treating milfoil.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST - Deer Park Ambulance has said they will Co-Chair with us to organize and continue our Pancake breakfast. Lee stated he was still unsure at this time if the Loon Lake Elementary could be the location due to capitol improvements. Lee will contact the school.

CHIPPER DAYS - October 20 - Jim stated to keep track of chains, bungees and ropes used to tie down loads.  He said he lost a chain in the pile unloading his truck. Dana mentioned she might have a Riverside senior all-nighter group to help unload as a fundraiser.  Mike Phillips will check with his group regarding donating their portion of funds as LLPOA was willing to do so.

NEW BUSINESS: Lee stated we will use the sound system for the next meeting for the hearing challenged.

Guests: Joan Easley, John Morrow, Wayne Cornwell, Mike Phillips


Meeting adjourned at 7:44


June 22, 2018

CALL TO ORDER - President Lee Evans called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.   Members of the board present were Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Dennis Drinkard, Don Kelley, Holly Shamberger, Barry Smith, George Swannack, Dana Waddell and Mark Whittaker. 

Sign in sheet was distributed.

DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM - A quorum of directors and a minimum of 25 members are needed for a legal quorum. It was determined we did not have the required members and signed proxies to fulfill the Quorum.  Quorum was unfulfilled.

Lee stated we have 3 gas fire pit door prizes that will be drawn thoughout the evening and 3 raffle prizes from Jon Hastings and Dana Waddell Firework Committee.

Guest Speaker Stevens County Commissioner Wes McCart - Commissioner McCart stated the LMD is in its fifth year and will be expiring. The Commissioner’s recommendation is to go for another five years at the same assessment. All election for the LMD takes place in the commissioner’s office and all will be notified of LMD changes and proposals.  The are  three LMD’s coming up for renewal/expiration are Loon Lake, Deer Lake and Pend Orielle Chain Lakes. Any length of time is available although five years is the customary time. We have hybrid milfoil which is why we have not been as successful at eradication as some would like.  Commissioner McCart also stated he serves on the State Noxious Weed Board and that there is a new chemical not yet available at the state level but when available we believe it will be more effective on the hybrid milfoil. 

Lee Evans, President of the Milfoil Committee stated that on June 27th, Loon Lake will be treated for curly leaf pondweed as well as milfoil. This will be a contact herbicide that will kill the body but unfortunately not the roots. We do not have an effective herbicide at this time to kill the entire plant. We did not treat last year for milfoil as it was not as plentiful. We did search and retrieve plants to send to North Carolina State University as part of our grant study for testing to determine best product to kill our hybrid milfoil. There is a chemical unapproved for use in Washington chemical called Procellacor. This chemical does not have any restrictions regarding lake use following treatment other than flower watering. It would require less chemicals than we are currently using as well. It is legal in Montana and Idaho. The DOE was presented with this information and they are doing their due diligence regarding making this product available.  Aquatechnex has also been lobbying for approval as well for this chemical. Our current treatment now has 24 hour restriction for use of the lake as well as not using water for your lawn.  It is both liquid and granular application with a whirlybird spreader. It is both accurate and safe. Treatment will be complete in one day of the 82 acres. Your mail notification has a website where you can look up a map of areas we will be treating.

Commissioner McCart confirmed that keeping it in check this year with current treatment is a good plan until a better chemical is available. 

Audience question:  Can we treat later in the season when lake is not so active with people?  Lee: No, Invasive Curly Leaf Pond Weed grows until mid-July but by August it disappears so we cannot find it to treat later in the season. We have been so focused on Milfoil and now Curly Leaf Pond Weed has become a problem. 

Audience: A requirement for a sterilization wash station for boats would be helpful in preventing further spreading of weeds? Commissioner McCart: Yes, but our state has not been proactive in requiring preventative measures i.e. wash stations until the last year. I continue to bring this to the awareness at the state level.

Audience question: Do you recommend moving boats?  Lee: Yes and as aquatechnex treats we follow to see all areas treated. 

Commissioner McCart recommended everyone sign up for hyperreach.com with your cell phone this is a reverse 911 in preparation for fire season. Your house phone is automatically registered. He also stated the Shoreline Master Plan should be out soon and staff will be setting up meetings to talk about the specifics of the plan as well as public comments to be available. He stated required to update our watershed plan regarding a closed basin.  Commissioner McCart felt that we are making good strides in our county with economic improvement and updated broadband. 

Chief Mike Bucy - May 18, 2018, our new fire station opened with our offices being moved there as well. Our response time has been improved by 2.5 minutes. The Suncrest station is open as well. Our Loon Lake station dedication is Sat. May 30 at 1:00 p.m. The reception is behind bulletproof glass and a secure door. Separate areas to control contaminates and a meeting room that seats approximately 40 people. You can reserve it for a non profit use. It cost 3.2 million to build and a whole fleet of water tenders will be updated. Both Loon Lake and Suncrest stations are staffed 24/7 although they may be out on a call and not in the station. Natural gas generators for the ability to run in case of power outage. The old fire station will be sold following resolve of a property dispute. Burn ban in effect on DNR lands only allowing camp fires at approved campsite.

Audience question: Will they be providing ambulance services? Chief Bucy: Every fire fighter we bring on we send to EMT training. We respond to calls with medical knowledge and high care. Deer park is currently running two ambulances cover 640 square miles.  If the ambulance goes out of business the fire district is not set up to provide this financially. However, we did design the fire station with having a separate ambulance provider in mind. He will discuss any questions people may have one on one meetings if needed. 

MINUTES OF THE MEETING-The minutes of the June 23, 2017 meeting were presented.  Dick made a motion was made to approve as presented, Dennis seconded and motion carried.


Income:  Fireworks 2018 - $3081.00, Fireworks 2017 - $1834.00, Chipper Donation - $67.00. Dues 2019 $1500.00 , Dues 2018 - $4180.00, Dues 2017 $1880.00, General  - $1065.00, Conservancy - $6228.00,  Dock Demo $ 2106.00, Water Quality $930.00, Pancake Feed $2924.00, Interest - $5.51 Total Income: $25,810.51.

Expenses: Boat Parade Prizes- $300.00, Misc.- $150.00, Dock Demo- $3308.15, Fireworks 2018 - $3100.00, Fireworks 2017 - $4076.00,  Postage-$694.60, Printing and Reproduction - $1672.93, Office Rental - $250.00,  Website $107.88, Conferences - $150.00, Office Supplies 449.22, Water Quality $1164.88, Pancake Feed - 2039.10, Legal $0.00, Donations - $11431.45, Bank Charges - $5.00, Licensing & Filing Fees - $80.00, Insurance $1256.00  Total Expenses - $30,235.21

Checking Account Balance $26,554.44 Savings Account Balance $5508.98,  Total $32,063.42

It was discussed that the LLPOA is a volunteer group that everyone can participate in.

BOARD ELECTION - Mark introduced current board Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Denny Drinkard, Don Kelley, John Hastings, Holly Shamberger, Barry Smith, George Swannack, Dana Waddell, Mark Whittaker, Eric Davis,  New Board:  Debbie Cornwell, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Denny Drinkard, Lee Evans, Jon Hastings, Don Kelley, Holly Shamberger, Barry Smith, George Swannack, Dana Waddell, Mark Whittaker 

It was moved and seconded to accept the slate of officers.

CHIPPER DAY Lee Evans, this Stevens County sponsored event brought in 48 loads of clean green debris. We collected $674 in cooperation with Deer Lake.  We ask for a very small donation which we donate to local charities or non profit groups. This program is to dispose of clean green without burning as a community event. We advertise in Loon Lake Times, nextdoor.com, our newsletter and signboards on the road. We appreciate our Stevens County Equipment operator. 

WEBSITE - Updates completed 

DOCK DEMOLITION- Mark Whittaker- We have 14 volunteers signed up and 4 dumpsters with EZ Dock providing the grade-all. Pete Smith providing back hoe services and we have plenty of docks to get cleared off the lake. Our goal is to have the property owner pay for the cost when they bring their dock over to the demolition at $4.00 per foot. 

FIREWORKS - Barry Smith is offering use of his dock which saves the LLPOA $1000 and is allowing us to set up on his beach. Jon Hastings ran a raffle to earn money towards the fireworks. He and Dana successfully raised $250.00

LOON LAKE LAND CONSERVANCY - Dick Davies stated the conservancy purchased 22 acres South of Shore Acres Estates. He discussed the need for property owner support as they still owe $41,657.00 on a no-interest loan. Any tax deductible donations you make pays the loan. All other expenses are being paid by the Conservancy Board. Loon Lake Property Owners matched donations up to $5000 for the conservancy as well as giving an additional $10,000. 

Jerry Kuntz discussed the land conservancy ownership of Morgan Woods and the need for dead and diseased tree clean up. He is chairing the drive to raise $15,000 in tax deductible donations for this purpose or others which you can designate with your gift.

WATER QUALITY -  Jim Davies  its the 12th year of water quality monitoring and all elements measured have remained relatively stable but no improvement to report. We have too much nutrients in the lake with phosphorus and nitrogen. This creates algae creates bacteria and they use oxygen. The bottom 50 feet of the lake is dead. We continue to look for possible ways for oxygenation of the lake. Loon Lake is in the forefront with water quality testing being provided by citizens. The State Legislature contacted Jim to see what kind of equipment we use, a copy of our plan and our LLPOA charter.

  Items Owners Can do to improve the lake quality

  • Use a fire pit with a removable bottom so you can dispose of ashes. Ash degrades the lake. Gas fire pits are a great clean option!
  • Use good water run off management - gravel instead of black top 
  • Don’t use fertilizer on lawns as the phosphorus ends up in the lake
  • Keeping some areas natural around the shore line - every little bit helps. Our Loon Lake Land Conservancy areas help tremendously in this area.    


Meeting adjourned at 9:36


June 14, 2018


CALL TO ORDER - President Lee Evans called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Members of the board present were Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Jon Hastings, Don Kelley, Dennis Drinkard, Dana Waddell, Holly Shamberger, Barry Smith. 

Sign in sheet was distributed. Quorum present.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING- The minutes of the May 10, 2018  meeting were presented.  It was moved by Dick and seconded by Denny that the minutes be approved as written.  The motion was carried.  



2018 Fireworks - $570.00, 2019 Dues - $440.00, 2018 Dues $680.00, 2017 $80.00, General Contributions - $815.00, Donations Conservancy $250.00, Dock Demo $20.00, Water Quality $10.00, Boat Parade 10.00 Interest Income - $0.47 Total Income - $2875.47


Expenses: Fireworks - $.00, Postage $397.60, Printing & reproduction $908.76, Licensing and filing fees - $ Total Expenses $1306.36


Checking Account Balance - $26,544.44, Savings Account Balance - $5508.98

Total Account Balances - 32,063.42


ANNUAL MEETING - Joseph from Granite Point offered to give towards door prizes and a  motion was made by Holly, seconded by Dana to spend $150 on door prizes to encourage attendance at the annual meeting.  Tom Hale suggested that propane fire pit might be a better door prize. Jim requested we amend the previous motion to purchase propane fire pits instead of baskets to educate about beach fire ashes contaminating the lake. Holly amended the previous motion of gift to purchase 3 propane fire pits with a maximum of $350 instead of gift baskets for the annual meeting. Dick seconded the amended motion. 

Joan will do coffee and punch, cookies - Holly. The planned guest speakers Mike Bucy and Wes McCart with a requested time limit of 15 minutes. Jim will do sandwich boards, Holly will post on Nextdoor.com. Dana has two interested people in joining the board and one is interested in the open Secretary position.  Holly has reconsidered leaving the board and will continue to do website. Mark is nominating committee person for the annual meeting.

CHIPPER DAYS - June 2, 2018 - We had 48 cars over $600 in proceeds to be split with Deer Lake. Jim feels Chipper Day is very important to water quality and recommends we provide this service at no charge. Nine Loon Lake volunteers and One Deer Lake volunteer participated in this Chipper Day. Lee suggested chipper day education for every association on the lake and provide a handout describing Chipper Day at those association annual meetings. Jon suggested using the weekly Deer Park paper to help get the word out. Tom Hale recommended using propane fire pit as an alternative to wood fire pit. This helps with smoke drifting to your neighbors that may be sensitive. 


BOAT PARADE - Mark, Chairperson - not in attendance

FIREWORKS/Loonsday - Jon & Dana were able to do a flyer for LLPOA and raise money for fireworks at Loonsday. They collected emails for LLPOA to help with getting information out there for all of our programs and gave out informational flyers about the LLPOA and granola bars.  They sold raffle tickets for a stay at Granite Point donated by Joe Ferraro and raised $44.00. Barry Smith is providing dock for fireworks. Shoreacres asked about our fireworks show and their intention to donate towards a longer bigger show. Jim stated that his opinion fireworks poisons the lake. He feels we need to research this prior to making the show bigger as he feels it is not consistent with our charter. Lee states that our bylaws also include providing recreational activities such as the boat parade and fireworks. 

WATER QUALITY- Jim discussed beach fires diminishing the value of people’s lake property by affecting the water quality of the lake. He recommended all beach fire pits have a removable bottom and to absolutely not dump ashes in the lake. Tom Hale suggested that a propane fire pit as a cleaner alternative to beach fires with less smoke for neighbors that like to open their windows. Jim stated he would be happy to go talk to other associations around the lake to discuss beach fire issues.

WEBSITE: Holly - updates completed

DOCK DEMOLITION: June 23, 2018 9:00 a.m. Mark Whittaker Chairperson - Lee spoke with Mark and received the permit from fish and game. We ordered 4 dumpsters and have 13 committed volunteers. Pete Smith, Excavator and EZ Dock with the Grade All. Lunch is will be provided for volunteers. Jim & Dick will be bringing over three more docks. 

PANCAKE BREAKFAST - We still do not have a chairperson. Lee said that Mark will check with the ambulance to see if they have a chairperson.

MILFOIL - Survey last week and we will be treating Loon Lake on the Monday, June 25th. 82 acres of health milfoil to be treated because we did not treat last year. This will be a contact herbicide that will knock it down but doesn’t kill the roots. Milfoil will be discussed at the annual meeting. Curly Leaf Pond Weed is another invasive species and will be treated as well. Next year we should have an opportunity to treat the Milfoil with a product based off information from the grant study of our hybrid milfoil in North Carolina. 


Barry asked if we could have a sound system for the hearing impaired system for our meetings. He talked with someone at the guitar store in Spokane and said we could purchase one for $400. Barry made a motion to purchase a system. Joan Easley said that we already have one in place purchased by LLPOA quite some time ago. Barry’s motion was tabled until the existing system can be examined.

Jim shared that he was contacted by Washington State Legislature who wanted a copy of our bylaws and our water quality monitoring program design program that was created by Jim. They stated they would like are to use them as a model for other lake organizations.

Joseph Ferraro stated that Granite Point has a church service at 9:30 am and stop by the store and register.


Lee distributed flyers to everyone to get the word out about the LLPOA. 

Guests: Joseph Ferraro, Tom Hale, Georgie Evans, Joan Easley, John Morrow,


Meeting adjourned at 7:44


JUNE 23, 2017

CALL TO ORDER - President Lee Evans called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.   Members of the board present were Lee Evans, Jim Davies, Dick Davies, Eric Davis, Don Kelley, Holly Shamberger, Barry Smith, George Swannack, and Mary Jo Lovell.

 Agenda and Sign in sheet distributed. 

DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM- A quorum of directors and a minimum of 25 members are needed for a legal Quorum. It was determined we had a legal quorum of the membership that included a combination of attending members and signed proxy ballots.

GUEST SPEAKERS - Kendall Allen, Stevens County Sheriff : He stated they have 27 commissioned people and are also having three long time employees retiring from the department. Successor’s have been selected at this time. He stated they have a very large area to patrol of 2500 square miles and his expectation is that if you call that you will get personal contact from the Sheriff’s office. He discussed that the jail is full and the need for a 150 bed jail. The ambulance service doesn’t have tax dollars to support it and must operate on a fee for service. In regards to noise complaints, he said there is a state law on decibel noise but this requires equipment, training and manpower. Officers will respond to burning garbage complaints and burn barrels are illegal. He discussed lack of manpower getting to the lakes and running the Sheriff Marine Duty on the weekends.  He discussed issues regarding drug houses and needing probable cause so that they can get a search warrant. He stated someone must actually see drugs not just have suspicion.  He recommended keeping a log of visitors and cars and using your camera as a neighborhood to document all you can. He recommended calling in property crimes as that sometimes helps determine other issues. A guest asked about using an unmarked car and he stated that the criminals catch on very quickly. Discussion regarding state liquor and cannabis board and county zoning.

Mike Bucy, Stevens County Fire Chief, The wet spring promotes growth of fuel which as it gets warmer then becomes fuel. We are currently at moderate danger. He discussed the new fire station being operational hopefully by March and that Loon Lake is the 2nd busiest station. The new facility will be large enough to accommodate future growth to the area. It will have sleeping quarters as well as a meeting room for the community. When a guest asked for the legal size for a fire, he stated 3 x3. 


Jim Caruso, Stevens County Emergency Management, Jim recommended we look at the Facebook page; Stevens County Emergency Management to keep in touch with area concerns. He stated there had been 64 mudslides and 1.2 million in road damage due to flooding paid for by the county without federal funds. He works with Fema, however there were no monies for individuals affected by flooding except those with flood insurance. He recommended that we register with hyper-reach.com to and register your phone and email. This way if there is a fire/disaster they will be able to contact you through the Sheriff’s office 911 system

Wes McCart, Stevens County Commissioner- It is the 3rd wettest winter we have had on record. A discussion followed with guests with the design of our the weir and that when lake was frozen it was 1 inch higher than the adjudicated level. Discussion regarding checking the channel for debris and that the County has the authority to property assess if it needs to fund such cleaning. In the original court order for lake adjudication it stated do not create problems downstream with silt and water. It was mentioned by several that flooding was everywhere and that even though the gate was open water was flowing over the top as well.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING-Secretary Holly Shamberger presented the minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting of the LLPOA. A motion was made by Eric to approve the minutes as presented and seconded by Jim. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT- Eric Davis/Lee Evans: 

Income:  Fireworks-$ 1834.00, 2018 dues $1500.00, 2017 Dues  $1180.00,  Conservancy $2395.00,  Dock Demo $671.00, Water Quality $505.00  , Interest - $0.45 Total Income: $8085.45  

Expenses: Dock Demo $297.50, Postage-$52.00, Website $107.88, Office Supplies 160.74, Water Quality $99.88, Insurance $1270.00  Total Expenses - $1988.00 

Checking Account Balance $36,643.39, Savings Account Balance $5503.92,  Total $42,147.31 

Eric and Lee providing temporary duty as the Treasurer until position filled.

ELECTIONS OF NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS - A motion was made and 2nd that Jim Davies would be in charge of nominations of the Board of Directors. 

WEBSITE - Updates completed

DOCK DEMOLITION- Everything is ready for dock demo day tomorrow and we are hopeful to have enough dumpsters. 

BOAT PARADE - Everything on track

FIREWORKS - Everything on track

LEGAL- Eric Davis - An update to shoreline management is planned in early 2018. The planning committee meeting next Thursday 9-12 regarding guidelines for redevelopement around Loon Lake.


Tim Cronin concerned about flooding and how the weir is controlled.Lee Evans stated 1.The weir  dam gates and maintenance responsibilities  belong to Washington Dept. of Fish and Game.

2. Loon Lake water level is the responsibility of the Washington Dept. of Ecology. Spokane office Ecology representative is John Covert.

3. John Covert contacts the LLSD#4 when he wants the gates to be opened and closed.

Tim would like to have a committee to explore lake levels and weir management. He felt we should be proactive as possible to prevent property damage. He asked to organize a committee for the better anticipation for possible flooding in lake levels, improving the channel and new technology for a new weir. He felt that there must be better weir technology available that could avert flooding. It was moved by Jim and 2nd by Eric to form a committee for lake level issues.  Jim Davies stated he would be chairman with Eric, Dick and Tim Cronin agreeing to be on the Committee. 

Wes McCart stated that he would talk to a county engineer to see if he had insight into this issue.

Meeting closed at 9:45

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